ARUS Account: Software Updates

Version is Avaliable Now

What's New:

  • Auto & Manual Bank Reconciliations
  • Export to Excel feature for Hotel Bookings & Transfers
  • VAT Calculations & Reports
  • Transfers Operations Module with Smart Route Optimizations
  • Auto Generation of Customer Invoices and Supplier Bills

ARUS Account Software Updates and using instructions for travel agencies and tour operators in Dubai / UAE / Middle East.

Start Using the System

VAT Accounting Software in UAE


How to Calculate UAE VAT


Login to the System
Setup Company Details and Bank Accounts
Set New User and Password
Give User Permissions
Setup Other Settings


Tax (VAT) Rules


Add New Booking (Reservation)
Edit Booking (Reservation)


Delete Booking (Reservation)


Generate (Tax) Invoice (PDF)
Generate Hotel Voucher (PDF)


Import multiple Visa Orders from Excel file
Import multiple Flight Orders from Excel file


Convert Quotation into Invoice
Quick Search Bookings


Reservation Reports

Hotel Bookings Report


Tranfer Orders Report


Visa Orders Report


Tour Orders Report


Service Orders Report


Flight Bookings Report



Set New Route for Transfer Operations


Generate Transfer Route (PDF)


Transfer Route Manager



Add / Edit / Delete Account in Chart of Accounts
Make Manual Journal and Opening Balance Entry



Add / Edit / Delete Customer
Multiple Invoices Entry


Receive Customer Payment and Generate Receipt Voucher


Refund Customer Payment and Credit Memo


Import Customer List from Excel file


Generate Customer Statement


Generate Customers Aging Report



Add / Edit / Delete Supplier


Make Supplier Payment
Refund Supplier Payment and Credit Memo


Import Supplier List from Excel file


Generate Supplier Statement


Multiple Bills Entry


Expense Entry to the Sytem



Add / Edit / Delete Employee
Payroll Salary Contracts Entry
Make New Salary to Employee
Pay Employee Salary
Employee Salary Statement


Import Employee List from Excel File



Make Deposit to Bank Account


Withdraw Money from Bank Account


Transfer Funds Between Bank Accounts


Bank Acoount Reconciliation


Cash Book and Bank Book Reports