Tourist Visa Management Software

Visa Tracking System for Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies

  • Most important and unique feature of this software product is that the visa application information fills automatically and updates from the EDNRD system.
  • With this software you can control visas with "entered the country" status, timely identification of entered days for tourists.
  • Make Invoices, Receipts & Customer Statement Reports
  • Integration to ARUS Account and ARUS Visa Typing Systems
  • Software Updates
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Dubai Visa Management & Tracking System

  • Searching Visa Applications

Easy and fast searching visa applications by name, by EDNRD application and visa numbers, by passport number. Filtering by all columns like partners / status / country / typed date / company and others.

  • Generating Reports

Easy generating Excel reports by partners / customers, countries, visa status, payments, periods and by custom selected filters.

  • Opening and Printing Direct

No need to again open EDNRD system for print or view visa and applications. You can open directly from the software product.

  • Travel Agency Accounting System

The main advantage is that if a classical software written specifically for accountants, the software ARUS Visa, accounting does not require special skills and knowledge of accounting tourist visa status and payments.

  • One Staff Can Handle All

With this accounting software one staff of your tour company can handle all visa department works and works related with Online Dubai Visa Immigration ENDRD.AE System easily.

  • Control Payments of Customers

Management and accounting related to payments partner companies and customers.

ARUS Visa - Travel Visa Management Software

Offers to travel companies an intuitive interface for easy manage and account tourist visas in Dubai.