ARUS School

School Management Software

  • Simple and easy to use for teachers
  • Powerful features for institutions
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard
  • Modern Exam Providing Technology
  • Accounting System for School Income and Expenses Management
  • Secured and Smart System for Schools, Colleges and Universities

ERP / School Management System Dubai

  • School Management Software

Thoughtfully designed Statistic Dashboard provide you with easy interpretation of complex data of your institution. ARUS School captures and generates loads of data from your School's everyday operations. Smartly visualizing these data in visual graphs and charts provide you with never before insights.

  • Accounting System

Built-in accounting system automatically generates visual interpretation of your School's Incomes and Expenses. Accessible only via your Accountant's and Manager's secured credentials, get real time information about your Institutions Financial performance.

  • Fee Management and Payments

As your institution grows, tracking fee payments become a serious overhead. In addition, more and more students demand online fee payment facility. Find out how ARUS School takes care of all these issues with ease.

  • Grade-book & Reports

Our IT-experts have studied in detail all types of Grading Systems followed in any part of the world, and designed the module to enable configuration of any Grading system followed by your Institution. ARUS Schooll allows you to yourself replicate your standards for students grades calculations.

  • Timetable, Attendance & Scheduling

Planning class routine and schedules via modern technology standards is one of the primary needs to run a better organised institution. Giving real time access to schedules to students and teachers is also critical. Scheduling examination, classes, assignments are all extremely convenient with ARUS School.

  • Examination & Assignment

The examination is the most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance. ARUS School includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable arrangement to the creation of progress reports of students. Exam management modules include exam time table creation, question paper creation, marks entry, report generation and final result display of student.

ARUS School − School Management ERP System